Jenny E. Zuhlke, Saint Francis Drive killed in car crash (NY)

Route 5 and Lakeview Road Hamburg Car Accident Death In Hamburg, New York, the Town of Hamburg Police is currently investigating a tragic motor vehicle accident that claimed the life of a woman. The incident took place at the intersection of Route 5 and Lakeview Road around 11:30 a.m. on Wednesday, as reported by the […]

Antonio Aquino 39 Marion Dr killed in Barry Steel work accident

Barry Steel work accident kills Antonio Aquino The Lockport Police Department has identified the victim of a tragic industrial accident that occurred earlier this week. Antonio A. Aquino, aged 39 and residing at 5 Marion Drive, Lockport, NY, was an employee at Barry Steel Fabrication located at 11 Simonds Street. The incident resulted in Aquino’s […]

Michael Walker 29, Ana Cerrato 28, killed in NY Accident

Buffalo NY Accident kills Michael Walker 29, Ana Cerrato 28 Two lives were tragically lost in Buffalo, N.Y., when a stolen vehicle collided with a tree during a pursuit in Lockport on Saturday afternoon. The deceased have been identified as 29-year-old Michael L. Walker and 28-year-old Ana G. Cerrato, both residents of Rochester. Walker was […]

Roger Kingdollar, McNamar Rd, Holley NY killed in crash

Barre NY crash kills Roger Kingdollar In the outskirts of Rochester, New York, tragedy struck when a reckless incident unfolded in the Town of Barre. Amidst the tranquility of the rural setting, chaos erupted as a collision between a pickup truck and a dirt bike claimed the life of 24-year-old Roger Kingdollar of McNamar Rd, […]

Tureli Quinci ,68, Pinewood Ave Killed Newburgh NY Crash

Route 300 Newburgh NY crash kills Tureli Quinci In a devastating incident on Wednesday morning, a 68-year-old woman from the Hudson Valley region met a fatal end in a collision involving three vehicles. The heart-wrenching crash occurred around 9:40 a.m. in Orange County, specifically on Route 300 within the town of Newburgh. According to the […]

Merle Ratner, E 4TH ST NY, Hit and Killed by Tow Truck

New York Tow Truck Accident Death It is with profound sorrow that we announce the passing of Merle Ratner, an esteemed left-wing activist and staunch advocate for peace, who tragically lost her life on the evening of February 5th in New York City due to a traffic accident. Merle’s husband, Ngo Thanh Nhan, a distinguished […]

Wilbert de Jesus Cordero Killed in Bronx NY Pedestrian Accident

Pedestrian Accident in Bronx NY Kills Wilbert de Jesus Cordero Tragedy struck in the heart of New York City as 22-year-old Wilbert de Jesus Cordero lost his life in a devastating collision involving two vehicles. In the early hours of Sunday, February 4, Cordero was crossing the bustling White Plains Road at around 4:00 a.m. […]

Jeanne Elzanie Jourdan Colin, Montreal, Killed in bus crash

Montreal Woman Killed in NY Tour Bus Accident The victim in the tragic incident has been identified as 74-year-old Jeanne Elzanie Jourdan Colin by the New York State Police. The unfortunate event occurred when a Skyway Coach Lines tour bus, en route from Montreal to midtown Manhattan, crashed on Interstate 87 in Lake George, Warren […]

24 people injured in New York City subway accident

New York City subway accident with 24 people injured Disruption reverberated through the transit network on the West Side of Manhattan on Friday as service on three subway lines faced ongoing challenges. The predicament unfolded a day earlier when a train, carrying approximately 300 passengers, collided with an out-of-service train in the vicinity of West […]

Miranda Farley, Ripley, killed in Chautauqua NY crash

31-Yr-Old Miranda Farley killed in NY crash New York State police are investigating a deadly crash in Chautauqua County that occurred on Thursday night. A Subaru traveling west on State Route 39 in Hanover crossed into the eastbound lane and collided with a Honda. The Subaru driver was injured and transported to ECMC, but the […]