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You will find that the lawyers at The LLF Injury Lawyers in New Jersey will take care of all your legal needs, all at a low 29% contingency fee.

In addition to all the typical injury cases personal injury lawyers handle, we also handle:

  1. Elevator and Escalator Accidents:
    • Overview: Personal injury lawyers handle cases involving injuries sustained in elevators and escalators, such as falls, entrapment, and mechanical malfunctions.
    • Causes: Malfunctioning equipment, inadequate maintenance, and design flaws contribute to these accidents.
  2. Amusement Park Accidents:
    • Overview: Lawyers address cases arising from injuries in amusement parks, including roller coaster accidents, slip and falls, and equipment malfunctions.
    • Causes: Mechanical failures, operator negligence, and insufficient safety measures are common factors.
    • Amusement Parks NJ:
    • Runaway Rapids: A family water park with over 19 slides and a kids’ lagoon area.
    • Fantasy Island Amusement Park: A boardwalk amusement park with a variety of rides and attractions.
    • Six Flags Great Adventure: The largest theme park in New Jersey, featuring dozens of thrill rides, shows, and activities.
    • Clementon Park & Splash World: One of the oldest amusement parks in the US, offering a water park and a roller coaster.
    • iPlay America: An indoor entertainment center that resembles a boardwalk, with arcade games, rides, and attractions.
    • Action Park: A water park that was known for being very dangerous and closed in 1996.
    • Jenkinson’s Boardwalk: A boardwalk with an amusement park, an aquarium, and a beach.
    • Casino Pier & Breakwater Beach Waterpark: A seaside amusement park and water park with various rides and slides.
    • Wildwood Boardwalk: A boardwalk with four amusement piers and two water parks.
    • Storybook Land: A children’s theme park based on classic stories and nursery rhymes.
    • Diggerland USA: A construction-themed amusement park where guests can operate real machinery.
    • Wild West City: A western-themed amusement park with live shows and attractions.
    • Playland’s Castaway Cove: A boardwalk amusement park with a roller coaster and other rides.
    • Land of Make Believe & Pirate’s Cove: A family-friendly amusement park and water park with various attractions.
    • Steel Pier Amusement Park: A historic amusement park on the Atlantic City boardwalk with rides and games.
    • Gillian’s Wonderland Pier: A boardwalk amusement park with rides for all ages.
  3. Electrocution Accidents:
    • Overview: Cases involve injuries or fatalities resulting from electrical shocks, often due to faulty wiring, defective products, or unsafe working conditions.
    • Causes: Electrical malfunctions, inadequate warning signs, and lack of proper training contribute to electrocution accidents.
  4. Toxic Exposure:
    • Overview: Cases involve injuries or illnesses resulting from exposure to hazardous substances, such as chemicals, asbestos, or pollutants.
    • Causes: Workplace exposure, environmental contamination, and lack of protective measures contribute to toxic exposure cases.
  5. Animal Attacks (Non-Dog):
    • Overview: Lawyers address cases involving injuries from non-dog animal attacks, such as bites or attacks by exotic pets.
    • Causes: Lack of proper containment, inadequate warning signs, and owner negligence contribute to these incidents.
  6. Assault and Battery:
    • Overview: Personal injury lawyers handle intentional tort cases involving physical harm caused by deliberate acts of violence.
    • Causes: Intentional acts of aggression, altercations, and violent confrontations lead to assault and battery cases.
  7. False Imprisonment:
    • Overview: Cases involve individuals being unlawfully restrained against their will, leading to physical or emotional harm.
    • Causes: Unlawful detention, false arrest, and abuse of authority contribute to false imprisonment cases.
  8. Intentional Infliction of Emotional Distress:
    • Overview: Cases involve deliberate and extreme conduct causing severe emotional distress or mental anguish.
    • Causes: Intentional acts designed to cause emotional harm, such as harassment or extreme bullying.
  9. Nursing Home Abuse:
    • Overview: Cases involve physical, emotional, or financial abuse of elderly residents in nursing homes.
    • Causes: Neglect, verbal abuse, and financial exploitation contribute to nursing home abuse cases.
  10. Sports Injuries (Intentional):
    • Overview: Cases involve intentional acts causing harm during sports events, such as intentional fouls or violence.
    • Causes: Deliberate acts of aggression, unsportsmanlike conduct, and intentional harm contribute to intentional sports injury cases.

Our top New Jersey personal injury lawyers specializing in these unusual and intentional tort cases assess each unique situation to determine liability, gather evidence, and pursue compensation for their clients.

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