Tureli Quinci ,68, Pinewood Ave Killed Newburgh NY Crash

Route 300 Newburgh NY crash kills Tureli Quinci

In a devastating incident on Wednesday morning, a 68-year-old woman from the Hudson Valley region met a fatal end in a collision involving three vehicles. The heart-wrenching crash occurred around 9:40 a.m. in Orange County, specifically on Route 300 within the town of Newburgh.

According to the preliminary investigation led by Lt. Peter Talarico of the town of Newburgh Police, the sequence of events unfolded when a box truck, reportedly traveling northbound on Route 300, veered into oncoming traffic as it approached a bend in the road. Tragically, this maneuver led to a catastrophic collision with a 2019 Dodge Ram traveling in the opposite direction.

Following the initial impact between the Ford truck and the Ram, the box truck continued its fateful trajectory northward in the southbound lane, subsequently striking a 2016 Ford Edge, driven by Tureli Quinci of Poughkeepsie, as outlined by Talarico’s statement.

Emergency responders swiftly attended to Quinci at the scene before rushing her to St Luke’s Hospital in Newburgh for urgent medical care. Despite their best efforts, she succumbed to her injuries, marking a profound loss for her community and loved ones. Our top New York truck accident lawyers are here to help.

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