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LLF Injury Lawyers handles cases throughout New York, and we have a low 29% contingency fee.

Our top New York ersonal injury lawyers handle a wide range of accident cases, each involving unique circumstances and legal considerations. Here’s an overview of different types of accident cases:

  1. Car Accidents:
    • Types of Injuries: Whiplash, fractures, head injuries, spinal cord injuries, etc.
    • Common Causes: Distracted driving, speeding, drunk driving, reckless driving.
  2. Truck Accidents:
    • Types of Injuries: Severe injuries due to the size and weight of trucks.
    • Common Causes: Driver fatigue, overloaded trucks, improper maintenance.
  3. Motorcycle Accidents:
    • Types of Injuries: Traumatic brain injuries, road rash, fractures.
    • Common Causes: Lack of visibility, driver negligence, road hazards.
  4. Bicycle Accidents:
    • Types of Injuries: Head injuries, fractures, soft tissue injuries.
    • Common Causes: Driver negligence, failure to yield, door collisions.
  5. Pedestrian Accidents:
    • Types of Injuries: Fractures, head injuries, internal injuries.
    • Common Causes: Distracted driving, failure to yield, poor visibility.
  6. Slip and Fall Accidents:
    • Types of Injuries: Broken bones, sprains, head injuries.
    • Common Causes: Wet floors, uneven surfaces, inadequate warning signs.
  7. Medical Malpractice:
    • Types of Injuries: Surgical errors, misdiagnosis, medication errors.
    • Common Causes: Negligence by healthcare professionals.
  8. Product Liability:
    • Types of Injuries: Defective products causing harm.
    • Common Causes: Manufacturing defects, design defects, lack of warnings.
  9. Premises Liability:
    • Types of Injuries: Injuries on someone else’s property.
    • Common Causes: Negligent security, slip and fall incidents, inadequate maintenance.
  10. Construction Accidents:
    • Types of Injuries: Falls, electrocutions, machinery accidents.
    • Common Causes: Lack of safety measures, equipment failure, inadequate training.
  11. Dog Bites:
    • Types of Injuries: Bites, scratches, infections.
    • Common Causes: Owner negligence, lack of control.
  12. Boating Accidents:
    • Types of Injuries: Drowning, injuries from collisions.
    • Common Causes: Operator negligence, lack of proper safety measures.
  13. Train Accidents:
    • Types of Injuries: Catastrophic injuries, fatalities.
    • Common Causes: Derailments, collisions, negligence.
  14. Aviation Accidents:
    • Types of Injuries: Catastrophic injuries, fatalities.
    • Common Causes: Pilot error, mechanical failure, air traffic controller negligence.
  15. Public Transportation Accidents:
    • Types of Injuries: Various, depending on the mode of transportation.
    • Common Causes: Negligence of the transportation company, driver error.

Our top personal injury lawyers assess the specific details of each case to determine liability, gather evidence, negotiate with insurance companies, and represent clients in court if necessary. We have a low 29% contingency fee.


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