Levar Gueci Ballard of Williamsport killed in PA crash

Williamsport PA Car Accident Death Results in Two Fatalities


In Montoursville, Pennsylvania, a car fleeing a traffic stop on Friday morning crashed into multiple buildings, resulting in the deaths of both occupants. State police were near the Faxon Avenue Exit on State Route 180 in Loyalsock Township around 12:50 a.m. when they tried to stop the vehicle for speeding. The driver, identified as 32-year-old Tyree Morgan Thomas Green of Williamsport, continued driving and exited the highway into Williamsport City. In the city, Green lost control of the car, striking a retaining wall and tree before crashing into several buildings on the 700 block of Washington Boulevard. Troopers found both Green and his 34-year-old passenger, Levar Gueci Ballard of Williamsport, dead at the scene.


If a police department decides not to break off a chase and it results in harm or damage, there can be potential liability issues. Here are some key points regarding potential liability:

  1. Negligence: If it can be shown that the decision to continue the pursuit was negligent, meaning it fell below the standard of care expected of law enforcement, the department could be held liable. Negligence might involve factors such as excessive speed, failure to follow pursuit protocols, or disregarding public safety.
  2. Violation of Department Policies: Most law enforcement agencies have specific policies governing pursuits to minimize risks to public safety. If officers fail to adhere to these policies, the department may be held accountable for any resulting harm.
  3. Proximate Cause: Plaintiffs would need to establish that the pursuit directly caused the harm or damage. This means demonstrating a clear connection between the pursuit and the resulting injuries or property damage.
  4. Qualified Immunity: In some cases, officers and departments may assert qualified immunity, which shields government officials from civil liability when performing discretionary functions, provided they did not violate clearly established statutory or constitutional rights.
  5. Comparative Fault: Courts may also consider whether the actions of the fleeing suspect contributed to the incident. If so, the liability of the police department may be reduced accordingly.

Overall, the determination of liability in pursuit-related incidents can be complex and depends on various factors, including state laws, department policies, and the specific circumstances of the case. Our top Pennsylvania wrongful death lawyers are here to help.

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