Stanley Pace, 70, Gilbertsville Dies From Crash Injuries

Gibertsville PA Car Accident Death

In a tragic turn of events, Stanley Pace, 70, hailing from Wilson Ave in Gilbertsville, succumbed to injuries sustained in a car crash nearly three weeks ago in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania. His passing was confirmed by the Lehigh County coroner’s office in a recent announcement.

Pace was a passenger in the vehicle when it veered off Route 73, known as Big Road, and collided with a tree on January 17th. Despite efforts, he couldn’t recover from the complications arising from cervical spine fractures incurred during the accident.

The incident occurred around 1:45 p.m. on the mentioned date in the 1900 block of Big Road, just outside Gilbertsville, within New Hanover Township. Lehigh County Coroner Daniel A. Buglio determined Pace’s death as accidental, resulting from the spine fracture sustained in the crash.

Authorities from both the New Hanover Township Police Department in Montgomery County and the Lehigh County Coroner’s Office are actively investigating the circumstances surrounding the tragic accident. Our top Pennsylvania car accident lawyers are here to help.

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