Michael Bove killed in Route 837 Crash Carroll Twp

Route 837 Crash Carroll Twp Crash Michael Bove Dead

A devastating collision on Route 837 in Carroll Township, Washington County, has resulted in the loss of two lives, causing the closure of the road for several hours on Thursday afternoon.

Authorities reported a fatal head-on crash involving two vehicles, with both drivers succumbing to their injuries at the scene. The incident occurred near Donora Road, occurring just before 1:15 p.m., as confirmed by the coroner’s office.

One vehicle was found positioned across the roadway, indicating a severe impact, while preliminary investigations suggest speed may have been a contributing factor in the collision of the second vehicle.

The deceased have been identified as Michael Bove, 48, of McMurray, who was traveling northbound, and another individual, whose identity is pending release, heading southbound at the time of the tragic incident.

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