Neil G. Burman, Somers Point Rd NJ Killed in Bicycle Accident

Bicycle Accident Somers Point Rd NJ kills Neil G. Burman

Neil G. Burman, a resident of Somers Point Rd in Egg Harbor Township, New Jersey, tragically lost his life in a hit-and-run incident while riding his bicycle on Tuesday evening. The incident occurred shortly after 6:30 PM along Steelmanville Road in the Scullville area of the township.
Reports indicate that Neil Burman was struck by a Dodge Ram pickup truck driven by 38-year-old Shawn Duffy of Egg Harbor Township. The collision happened as Duffy was traveling southbound on Steelmanville Road near Beaver Drive. Shockingly, Duffy fled the scene without stopping to render aid.
After hours of search, the vehicle involved was eventually found and Shawn Duffy was interviewed by authorities. It was determined that Duffy possessed a valid driver’s license, but he failed to stop after the accident. Fortunately, neither drugs nor alcohol are suspected to have been factors in the collision, according to Burgan.
The investigation into this tragic incident is being led by Sgt. Ed Stearns, along with Officers Tom Rizzotte and Nick Poletis, supported by detectives from the Atlantic County Prosecutor’s Office Fatal Crash Unit. Meanwhile, traffic in the area was diverted for approximately 4½ hours while the scene was meticulously examined.

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